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Last time
Mental split
With all senses open
The sign I leave in the wind
Resist burning
With the psyche on trees
Bronze hour
Touched by wonder
I will become cosmic
Despite the gray around
The birth of the gods
The day when everything will blossom
Idea that does not die
Last thought before sleep
So rare so ephemeral
When Eros dreams
In the shining dark
The flower of the fleeting years
Limbo of doubt
Blood of the days
Behind the surface
As well as grows in me
Gently exploded II
Especially at night
Reason meets imagination
And then a serene day
The time when I was light
Gently exploded
With summer in the mind
Getting out of myself
Joy’s sparks
Never the same
Inside a small calm
First meeting
The wind speaks about me
Last beginning
The power that everything moves
Hid here inside
Not me anymore
Skull’s flowers
When I’m into the flow
State of fugacity
Being evergreen
It’s getting early
The young rage
Breath of life
Intimate universe
How to disappear secretly
Changing form
Small personal delirium
Liquid soul
Restless wood
Feeling with eyes
Lost in love
A reason to live
Anaesthetic waters
Eyes into the crowd
Dialog with Chaos
It’s not only oil on canvas
Closed scream
An air of crystal
Son of summer
I am sky
Icarus fell to fly
From the abyss
Learning to live from flowers
The moon is out of orbit
Discontinuous going
Rexistence test
Apparent calm