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Although for many is considered dead, the painting,that authentic is constitued by elements coming from a great convulsion, from the Chaos that it doesn’t have time and for this it cannot die.

To capture the essence of this Chaos as a natural process, that like a rain perspective strikes in undiversified way, beyond of the human image, is what I consider to be act of painting.

The painting must therefore not represent like a pure mimesis the phenomenon of the real, but it must be itself a phenomenon, in which the forces collide and create reality.

It is the relation of forces that defines the success of a painting, as it was in the classical Period the relation of the form that defined the beauty.

The reality fails when the forces are weak.

It’s in my work that therefore I continually try to extract these conflicting forces that pass through me, myself being one of the means, like the color and the canvas are means for the painter.