Although for many is considered dead, the painting,that authentic is constitued by elements coming from a great convulsion, from the Chaos that it doesn’t have time and for this it cannot die.


To capture the essence of this Chaos as a natural process, that like a rain perspective strikes in undiversified way, beyond of the human image, is what I consider to be act of painting.


The painting must therefore not represent like a pure mimesis the phenomenon of the real, but it must be itself a phenomenon, in which the forces collide and create reality.


It is the relation of forces that defines the success of a painting, as it was in the classical Period the relation of the form that defined the beauty.


The reality fails when the forces are weak.


It’s in my work that therefore I continually try to extract these conflicting forces that pass through me, myself being one of the means, like the color and the canvas are means for the painter.



Enrico Basta was born in 1980 in Martina Franca (Italy).At 19 he began to paint classical and hyper – metaphysical oil paintings, but soon got tired of it and started to experience the expressionism.Two years after he won his only art prize and for seven years he opens his atelier in the center of his city. He studied without major outcomes in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce In 2007 he decided to move to Berlin . Dozens of exhibitions, in Italy , Germany and England.